CooeeSelfRegistration is a web portal add-on for Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 that allows internal and external users to perform self-registration, allowing users to initiate their own identity onboarding process.


  • Allows contractors, visitors and other external users to commence their own onboarding
  • Provides a streamlined onboarding process for external users into your organisation’s IT environment
  • Creates users directly in the Microsoft FIM 2010 Portal to remove time-costly synchronization operations

 Please note: there is currently a 1 week delay on shipping of this product




Cooee Self Registration is an add-on which enables internal and external user registration for the FIM 2010 Portal by allowing users to directly register their user identity details in an online registration form.

From there, the new user is inserted directly into the FIM Portal, at which point your existing organisational workflows take over to ensure the user is approved and provisioned with access to the systems appropriate to their role in your organisation.

Highly customisable, Cooee Self Registration has the ability to be completely indistinguishable from your organisation’s existing web presence and enables you to capture all required identity information.


  • Uses the Microsoft FIM Resource client to integrate directly with the FIM Service.
  • Allows internal and external users to commence their own onboarding process
  • Uses Google Re-captcha to prevent unwanted spam
  • Dynamic registration form configuration allows 10 different types of controls, including advanced controls such as file/photo upload, dynamic dropdowns (eg, country selection filters the state dropdown) and hidden fields to provide default user registration data (such as domain).
  • Cross-browser compatability (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari)